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We are aspiring to provide professional development to staff to ensure we develop a stable, highly qualified and motivated staff that actively fulfills the organization’s mission.

Why LABE wants to do this

As we aim to improve and bring our current provisions to scale, it is imperative that we have staff passionate about our mission, exemplify our values

and show commitment to achieving our vision.

Staff technical capacities must be sufficient and continuously match with the requirements of implementing our programmes effectively and efficiently.

By investing in our staff, internal systems and processes and recognition of staff achievements, we will be able to build a robust platform for sustainable growth.

Action areas/how will we achieve this?

LABE will:

• Hire, train and retain talented staff.

• Raise staff morale in specific and sustainable

ways such as having a gratuity scheme for all

eligible staff.

• Develop and implement a succession plan for

staff and Board members.

• Further grow an effective, active and informed

Board whose governance and support help to

advance LABE’s mission.

• Continue to invest in cost effective systems and

infrastructure for finance, information

technology, monitoring/evaluation and learning,

legal and administration resources necessary to

support a sustainable organization