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Home Learning Centers

Are located within a home stead and cater for both children’s and adults’ learning needs. They are safe, supervised informal learning environments/places providing play, educational, counseling, training and mentoring activities for pre-school, primary school children, school drop outs and parents.

HLCs offer: Home – based ECD sessions for 3 to 5 year old pre-school children to prepare them join primary school; Parenting skills sessions for all parents including guardians, male and female, literate and illiterate to equip them to actively participate in their children’s education and development; Livelihood-based literacies sessions for those who want to learn how to read, write and better their livelihoods; After school learning activities for lower primary school children to practice their newly acquired literacy, numeracy and life skills

HLCs are managed by Home Learning Centre Management Committees (HLCMCs) comprising of at least 5 volunteer members, to ensure community management, ownership and sustainability. The roles and responsibilities of the HLCMC include: Continuous mobilization of the community to contribute towards the HLC set up and maintenance; routine visits to oversee the HLC activities; overseeing  the children’s safety and welfare at the HLC; holding regular meetings for planning/budgeting, management and maintenance of the HLC; setting targets for the HLC performance; ensuring safe custody and proper use of HLC assets; ensuring proper centre records are maintained; doing monthly progress reporting on HLC activities, income and expenditure to stakeholders.