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We have successfully piloted small-scale innovative projects anchored on our Family Basic Education approach. These pilots aimed at increasing teachers’ capacity in using ICT to teach in local languages and parental involvement in pre-school and early grade children’s learning. Basing on the proven impact from the concluded independently evaluated pilots we are working towards bringing the two to scale at national level.

Why LABE wants to do this

Research findings, for example by Altinyelken H (2010), corroborated by LABE-commissioned baseline survey by Kyambadde E and Bakaira G (2014) indicate that pre-service teacher education in Uganda is not yet providing adequate support to teachers in key skills of lower primary teaching. Existing in-service training courses to compensate for inadequate pre-service training are hampered by their short duration. The 2012 World Bank’s SABER Uganda Country ECD report also shows that despite Government’s efforts to promote early learning for all children, coverage remains low particularly for children from disadvantaged families and those living in marginalised areas. Building on our experience from the implemented pilot projects, LABE is well placed to fill some gaps in existing provision of ECD and low teachers capacity in early grade instruction. This will be through expanding and adapting good practices from our two core programmes so that they are implemented in different places in Uganda over time to reach a greater number of people. Good practices from LABE’s new approaches to Continuous Professional

Development of teachers through ICT, community participation in education and delivery of home-based ECD to marginalised children will have to be brought to scale.

Action areas/how will we achieve this?

LABE will:

• Work with the Ministry of Education and Sports

(MoES) to integrate key government policies and

guidelines on ECD and UPE in our parenting and

adult literacy practitioner resource materials.

• Work with the Teacher Instructor Education and

Training (TIET) Working Group and Primary

Teachers’ Colleges (PTCs) in N.Uganda to provide

teacher support resources that facilitate

integration of ICT in Continued Professional

Development (CPD).

• Develop monitoring and assessment systems for

practitioners to generate rigorous evidence

about what works in home-based ECD and ICT in


• Measure and proactively communicate

Programme successes of organisations

replicating LABE-initiated practices to

stakeholders in government and other partners

at national and international levels.