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We are exploring ways of delivering our mission in a business-like way by transiting from a pure donor funded NGO to a social enterprise. We will blend writing activities for grant funds with for-profit basic education ventures.

Why LABE wants to do this

Having a strong fund base provides LABE with the ability to support our mission, invest in priorities we have identified and achieve our goals. To date LABE has no revenue-generating activities to enhance the growth of the organisation, yet without money, there is no mission. The existing donor-funding environment has become increasingly competitive. Having been in existence for over two decades, it is now time to develop a commercial mindset to enhance our social mission. This necessitates engaging in sale of LABE products and services for making profit while delivering basic education services as a social good.

Action areas/how will we achieve this?

LABE will:

• Enhance our fundraising and grant writing efforts

to source funds from current donors and for

securing additional funding commitments from

new donors.

• Develop and implement a capital reserve policy

to ensure our reserves are appropriate to our


• Set up business units to reduce costs of

supporting our projects while increasing overall

recovery of project expenditures from secured


• Establish partnerships with private business firms

which offer corporate social responsibility funds.

• Start an innovative new pilot social venture in

local languages publishing and community radio

broadcasting as revenue-generating sources.

• Secure LABE’s home