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We will continue to work on the implementation of our two core programmes (Mother Tongue Education and School Readiness and Retention) with local and national level stakeholders concerned with implementation of key basic education policies and strategies. These include the ECD policy, Local Language policy, Basic Education for Educationally Disadvantaged Children, Gender in Education Sector policy and the Functional Adult Literacy programme amongst others.

Why LABE wants to do this

The above policies provide significant opportunities to support parents and their pre/in-school children in marginalised communities who wish to develop their literacy, numeracy and parenting skills. The new NDP II sets out three objectives and several strategic interventions it will pursue in the education sector. Objective 2 ‘Ensure delivery of relevant and quality education and training’ and the strategic interventions: ‘improve the instructional processes that lead students’ achievement of literacy, numeracy and basic life skills’, and ‘develop and implement appropriate ECD operational standards’ resonate with LABE’s current initiatives in Mother Tongue Education and School Readiness and Retention programmes.


Actions areas/how will we achieve this?

LABE will:

• Work with key stakeholders involved in ECD to

refine our Home-based ECD provision.

• Roll out a FABE-oriented parenting and adult

literacy programme to help parents and

community members support their children’s


• Enhance partnerships with government

education institutions to build capacity of early

grade primary teachers in bilingual literacy and

numeracy teaching pedagogies and pre-primary

school readiness instruction for ECD caregivers.

• Provide ICT in education training to support

primary teachers’ Continued Professional


• Work with adult learners, teachers, children,

local language experts and publishers to develop

and source enjoyable mother tongue learning

materials of different genres.