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Literacy and Adult Basic Education (LABE), founded in 1989, is an indigenous NGO in Uganda with registration number S.5914/1192. LABE is governed by a BOD of Directors that represent government, higher institutions of learning, international and district-level partner organizations. Those who engage with LABE subscribe to the beliefs and basic principles that: Literacy, as a continuously evolving concept, is a basic human right – the foundation to learning and a more just society; Lack of reading and writing, particularly among women and girls, is unacceptable in the 21st century; Families, communities and local organizations have capacities, assets and resources which can be used to radically improve their education for wider development.

We envision a literate, well-informed and prosperous society able to participate fully in its own development. Our mission is to promote literacy practices, increase access and utilization of information, particularly amongst women and children in local communities, to effectively demand and protect their individual and wider rights.

At LABE we value: community participation and agency in education; committment to education that empowers girls and women; partnerships to deliver our services; accountability, honesty and transparency to all our partners; our dedicated team of staff and village-level volunteers; professionalism so that people we work with are treated with respect and empathy.